SNS Lush Designs

Inspired by the growing market in the Philippines, SNS Lush Designs and Home Decor Consultancy was created by Ria Sollorin Silbernick to meet the demands of the booming economy in the Philippines for both local clients and foreign investors.

Our vision is to provide a one-stop shop with unique layouts and designs, utilizing the vast resources of the Philippines, while continuing to treat our clients with integrity and utmost honesty in our services. We focus on design and makeovers, specializing in custom furniture design, 3D interior design, styling, staging, renovation, and digital retouching.

Some of our past projects include styling for showrooms, retail stores and restaurants, hotels, condo hotels and condominium lobbies, along with staging for offices and commercial properties. We’ve also provided interior makeovers ranging from single-room to full condominium, as well as residential, office and commercial space planning and design consultancy.

We supply throw pillows, curtains, artificial flowers and flower arrangements for retail, styling, staging, and events, and we sell unique home decor, furniture, and a variety of chandelier types, from modern, industrial or traditional, to transitional, bohemian or rustic.

With pride, we create space not only to be noticed, but to be REMEMBERED.

Ria Sollorin Silbernick
Creative Director
SNS Lush Designs and Home Decor Consultancy